Keep your keys safe with the best Nostr Extension for Chromium Browsers

Experience the free Nostr NIP07 multi-key manager for your browser, packed with innovative features.

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Fortify Your Nostr Keys

Elevate security with the Nostr Nip07 extension, safeguarding your keys and overseeing activities, notifications, and more.

  • Multi-key Management

    Simplify key management and effortlessly switch between multiple keys with a single click.

  • Permission Control

    Manage permissions, including duration and scope, and block untrusted websites effortlessly.

  • History & Notifications

    Keep track of all activities and manage notifications for each event by priority.


See what we have cooked up for you.

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Explore Your Activities

Real-Time Monitoring

In this screenshot, you can observe the request count, current website information, and permission status. You also have the ability to update website permissions by simply clicking on the 'Update' button. For limited-time permissions, a countdown timer is displayed.

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Logging and Notifications

Keep Track of Your Activities

Welcome to the logging page! Witness a comprehensive view of all your activities. You also have the capability to manage notification alerts for each event.

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Enhanced Security

Control Secure Request Access

All requests are presented in a popup in a separate context that is inaccessible to websites. Only the user has the authority to accept or deny the requests, ensuring a heightened level of security.

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